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Meet Latoya

LaToya Ja’Nay Abram-Payton, is an
entrepreneur and CEO of two businesses: Payton Place, LLC-e-commerce and Accepting Prosperity, Inc. (501c3 nonprofit).

LaToya’s desire is to deliver value to others by specializing in working with women who strive to live a life of purpose, resiliency, and power!

Limiting beliefs and ideas are often the root cause of all our problems. Having the right mindset will allow you to combat all limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

LaToya, teaches mindfulness techniques that can improve self-regulation and over-all life focus.


I specialize in mindset visualization and unpacking emotions, let me guide you.


A one stop shop for a “Mom’s To Be”! We have many products to choose from!! Need items for your bundle of joy, an outfit for work, lounge wear or maternity shoot? Visit our wonderful platform!


Accepting Prosperity INC is a local agency that caters to children and families. Accepting Prosperity currently offers virtual learning options for grades:K-6th. 

We aim to be the difference we want to see in our community, by changing the world one family at a time. 

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